Kevin & Karen

KarenKaren grew up in the sunshine of Bakersfield CA, the daughter of an oilman father and school teacher mother.  Her love for extending hospitality stems from the fact that she innately knows no stranger and can and will strike up a conversation with anyone at anytime, which she undoubtedly got from her dad.  Her inner strength comes from imitating her mom’s faith and wisdom, whom she refers to as her hero.

KevinKevin’s roots are found in Oklahoma, where he was born and raised on a small rural acreage just outside Bartlesville. While at the time he disliked the isolation of being so far away from school friends, it was this setting that started him on the path that would eventually lead to becoming a chef.  Being outdoors, growing an annual tomato garden, helping raise livestock, and learning the creative skills of being resourceful and self-sufficient all played a major part in the decision to take the risk of opening bread&cup many years later.

Kevin & Karen married in 1990 and moved to Lincoln, NE to start their new life together as collegiate ministers at the University of Nebraska. The years of showing hospitality to students helped reinforce the quietly germinating dream of one day owning a restaurant.  When entertaining at home, Karen usually greeted guests at the door, and Kevin would be found in the kitchen preparing the food.  Their natural strengths for the front of the house and back of the house were clearly defined, respectively.  Recognizing this helped in making the decision to go all in and open the restaurant.