How & Why We Opened this Restaurant

Kevin and Karen Shinn

One aspect about working with college-aged kids is you are the one that keeps getting older, and they stay the same age.

As happens to many people when they hit their forties, a reevaluation of career direction takes place.  Kevin and Karen both felt the need for a change, but the only idea that kept coming back to them was the restaurant.  As the years passed, the idea stayed alive and instead of fading, became more persistent. It eventually came to the point where they could do nothing else but take it very seriously.  There were many points of influence and persuasion, but one of the strongest was the fear of regret for not trying.  Would it be better to try and fail than to never make the attempt at all?  It was a desire to live by the code, “I’m glad I did” instead of, “I wish I had” that served as the final impetus to take the risk.

In May of 2005, Kevin and Karen, with the help from two college friends, started down the long road of planning, designing and opening a restaurant from scratch.  It would take 27 months before the doors were open to their first customers.  Nothing is born without struggle, and theirs included the search for the right location, dealing with bank rejections, construction delays, and mounting debts from no income.  The hard work eventually paid off and bread&cup opened on August 06, 2007.