Mon–Thur 7am-9pm kitchen/10pm bar • Fri–Sat 7am-10pm kitchen/11pm bar • 440 N 8TH ST SUITE 150402-438-2255


Hot Sandwiches

Add cup of soup or half simple salad__3

Sub gluten free bread option__1.5

Pork - 7.5 - full / 5.5 - half

slow roasted pulled pork, provolone cheese, ciabatta choice of sweet apple cream or savory garlic sauce

Toasted Italian - 7 – full / 5 - half

salami, pepperoni, tapenade, red onion, pickled peppers, ciabatta provolone, oil & vinegar

Potato&Bean Loaf {v} [gf] 8.5

Baked potato&bean loaf,served open faced with lentil&mushroom sauce

Sauteed Vegetable Mix {v}

7 - full / 5 - half

Diced squash, Brussels sprouts, carrots, onions, hummus, greens, ciabatta

Cold Sandwiches

Choice of sourdough white or seeds&grain loaf

Add cup of soup or half simple salad__3

Curry Tuna - 7 - full / 5 - half

tuna, celery, apple, mild yellow curry, greens

Creamy Tomato Pesto Chicken Salad - 7 - full / 5 - half

Roasted chicken, red pesto, mayo, grated carrots, capers, greens *contains walnuts

Peanut & Apple Butter {v} - 5 - full / 4 - half

fresh ground peanut butter, vanilla apple butter



Made from scratch daily

cup of soup__3.5

bowl of soup__5

bowl of stew__7

Our Daily Soup Selection


Split Pea (v), Pork&Green Chile

Sausage, Bean & Bacon Stew


Tomato Peanut&Curry (v), Chicken&Rice

Beef&Barley Stew


White Bean&Veg Medley (v), Pork Enchilada

Tasso Ham Gumbo


Creamy Lentil (v), Minestrone

Chicken, Bacon&Bean Stew


Southwestern Black Bean (v), White Bean&Chicken Chili


Vegetable or Pulled Pork Chili


Served with sliced sourdough bread

Add cup of soup__3

Wilted Kale Salad {v}[gf] - 8

Chopped kale, quinoa, red onion, dried cranberries, sourdough croutons, shaved Grana Padano, olive oil, whte wine, honey

Chicken Sesame Salad - 7 - full / 5 - half

mixed greens, almonds, roasted chicken, red grapes, crispy pasta, sesame vinaigrette

House Salad {v}[gf] - 6 - full / 4.5 - half

mixed greens, diced apple, red onion, sunflower nuts, grated provolone, choice of balsamic vinaigrette, or creamy parmesan & pepper Add Curry Tuna or Creamy Chicken Pesto__3

Simple Salad {vg}[gf] - 4 - full / 3.25 - half

mixed greens, olive oil, balsamic vinegar, kosher salt & cracked black pepper

Add Curry Tuna or Creamy Chicken Pesto__3


Potato Salad {v}[gf]__2

Pickled Veggie Slaw {v}[gf]__2


The Conversation__12

two bread spreads, cheese and loaf of bread

Cheese Plate__14
three of our current favorite cheeses & a loaf of bread

The Ploughman__8
salami, fontina, bread and sliced apple

fresh cut, raw carrots, celery, zucchini, jicama, dill sour cream dip [gf]

Olive Bowl__4
blend of marinated olives [gf]

Mixed Nuts__4
spiced blend of cashews, almonds, peanuts and walnuts [gf]

Apple & Caramel__3
sliced fresh apple, house made caramel dip [gf]

Soft Drinks

Soda__1.5 Coke, Diet Coke, Dr Pepper, Sprite

Iced Tea__1.5

Hot Tea__2

Bread Spreads
All dips/spread served with loaf of ciabatta

Olive Tapenade__8 
kalamata olives, anchovies, garlic, olive oil

Apple Butter__7
slow cooked apples, cane sugar, cinnamon & whole vanilla bean

chickpeas, garlic, lemon, olive oil, & fresh parsley

Roasted Tomato Pesto__7
tomatoes, parmesan cheese, garlic, olive oil, walnuts

Apple Butter__1.5
Salad Dressing__.5

Goods To Go
Oxford Landing Estates__16
all other bottles of beer/wine are also available for off-sale

Cold quarts to go__6

Apple Butter, Hummus, Pesto__8
Olive Tapenade__9
per half pint

Salad Dressings__8
per half pint

Cookie Happy Hour
M-F 3pm – 4pm
Hot out of the oven daily
All cookies 2 for 1
Adult Chocolate Milk__4
(= shot of Irish Cream)

Dark Chocolate Bread Pudding__6
made with our day old cinnamon rolls

Almond Ricotta Cake {gf)__8

Almond flour eggs, butter, ricotta, vanilla bean

Vanilla Bean Cheesecake__6
made with farm eggs, whole vanilla bean

Dark Chocolate Mousse__4
made with 64% cacao

Chocolate Macaron
Butter Pecan Toffee

French Press Coffee__3.5
Drip Coffee__2.5

with refills


Served Monday – Saturday 11am – 4pm