Let the Music Play…

I had an opportunity to share some of the bread&cup story with workers at Firespring a couple of weeks ago.  During Q&A, a friend asked me what kind of music I was listening to.  To preface the answer, I told the group that this was not a random question, as my friend knows how important music is in my creative thought process.

My short answer: Irish music.

About 12 years ago, during what I refer to as the Entrance into the Tunnel, I encountered a blue season that led me to drastically change the career direction of my life.  It … more »

Why you should hear this band

It’s no revelation to say that music has the power to speak to the soul in ways much more effectively than mere words alone. Every culture has its songs, hymns and anthems it relies up in times of celebration and mourning; for the sake of tradition as well as for the future. And there may arguably be no better example of this than the enduring and endearing music of the Irish.

What is the one overarching quality attached to the Irish? It would have to be the word, luck. Yet if you know anything of Irish history, they are a … more »