How To See Better.

reading glasses

Years ago, a mentor said to me, “Shinn, you seem to possess a natural sense of vision.” As a college freshman of 18 years of age, I had no idea what he was talking about.  Having poor eyesight all my life, I thought maybe he was trying to help me feel better about my Coke bottle glasses, of which I was always very self-conscious.

He went on to explain to me his meaning of vision wasn’t so much about trusting in a set of physical eyes, but instead as the ability to imagine the better future, and a willingness to … more »

Bidding on your dream

The term “follow your dreams” gets volleyed around quite a bit in our self-actualized culture as if it is some kind of birthright or assumption in the 21st century.   We tell kids they can grow up to do or be whatever they want to be, but we don’t add a significant caveat to describe just what that will entail.  Dreams don’t just happen. Dreams require effort, lots of it, if they are going to become reality.

Even in literal dreams, as research shows, the stories and images we conjure up in our sleep are not from random thoughts, even … more »

Creative Work is Still Work

My son has been learning how to use ProTools in order to feed his obsession with developing music.  He called me one day out of frustration, after having spent several hours trying to create a groove, but with nothing to show for his effort.  Amid the emotion in his voice came the message I read between the lines, “I just want to give up.”  To which I reminded him:

“Creative work is still work.”

You’ve probably seen the site What My Friends Think I Do. It’s a funny look at six different points of view of an occupation, … more »

The Importance of Failure

Dear Young Chef,

You’re going to have a night like this.  Trust me, it’s going to happen. Better to spend your effort on deciding how to deal with it rather than fretting over how to prevent it.  Your best laid plans to do so will get squashed, leaving you without a well formed answer.

The standard ebb and flow in the season of our business is that in the winter, Friday is typically our busiest night, and in the summer, Saturday gets the most traffic.  We assume this is due to the fact that folks don’t want to venture back … more »