I try to write like I am having a conversation and telling a story.  My goal is to be understood.  It doesn’t matter if you agree.  I just want to make sure I’ve been clear in my thought.

The Paradox of Choice

Another book that has shaped, or rather affirmed, the idea of bread&cup is The Paradox of Choice by Barry Schwartz. When I began reading this, it seemed as if the...

A Very Small Farm

It's about the time of year again where I pull out my copy of A Very Small Farm and read it again. There have been certain books that have had...

Good News

The Arts & Humanities Center was approved by the City Council, which is more good news about the block where bread&cup will be located. Lincoln Journal Star 02 13 07

Pesky Seed Catalogs

February in Nebraska is a weary month for me. Tired of the snow. Tired of being cold, especially in my drafty house. Some call it Cabin Fever. I just call...

Cold and Snowy

Here's what the building looks like today. Windows have been removed. The old loading dock is gone. Snow is falling. Hard to see this and imagine progress.

Dream Fatigue

I've experienced a condition that I would like to label as "dream fatigue." This occurs in the process of turning an idea into reality. The idea starts as a concept...

8th & "s"

The building was a millwork for several years. The corrugated steel along the front was a loading dock. As you can see from the awning, there was once a deli...

In that dumpy place?

We found our current location in July of '06. As you can see from the picture, there's not much curb appeal, which could be part of the reason our first...

Location 6

This link is probably a good place to start talking about our current location. Lincoln Journal Star 01 22 07

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