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Why Get Back On The Horse?

Why get back on the horse?

Now that the announcement has been made, I can freely talk about our new restaurant project, The Piedmont Bistro, slated to open this fall in the Piedmont Shopping Center at the intersection of Cotner and A Streets.  It’s been a long time in the works, but patience has paid off and we are excited about moving it to completion in the following months.

piedmont doorway

The most critical question we had to answer as we evaluated the decision was, why do it?  Why take the risk again?  Why go through all the labor and stress … more »

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History and Pain

About 9 years ago friends of mine encouraged me to start a web log, which we now refer to as blogging.    It was a growing trend at the time, but I didn’t start writing in order to be in fashion.  I did it so it would help me remember.

It can be painful to go back and read what you wrote years ago, not because your writing may have improved over the years, but because your thoughts, ideas and opinions have most likely morphed along the way.  This is why I will never get a tattoo.  I don’t want a … more »

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How To See Better.

reading glasses

Years ago, a mentor said to me, “Shinn, you seem to possess a natural sense of vision.” As a college freshman of 18 years of age, I had no idea what he was talking about.  Having poor eyesight all my life, I thought maybe he was trying to help me feel better about my Coke bottle glasses, of which I was always very self-conscious.

He went on to explain to me his meaning of vision wasn’t so much about trusting in a set of physical eyes, but instead as the ability to imagine the better future, and a willingness to … more »

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The Future of Food




While we can’t live in the future, we certainly like to try and predict it.  Sports books make their money off of this basic human impulse.  But the only way of benefitting from future outcome is to lay down a researched bet and hope that your number comes up.  Regardless of how much you think you have a sure thing, betting on the future is still a gamble.

My wife and I have placed a bet on the future of food.  This bet involves a belief that our general culture will eventually shift in how it views food … more »

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Top 5 Books for 2014


The importance of consistent reading was drilled into me at a young age and it still proves to be the best source of self-development in my middle age season. Here are five books that stand out and my reason for recommending them. A couple of them were mentioned in a post last February.


Small Giants by Bo Burlingham

Every entrepreneur needs to read this book, especially when coming to a decision point about growing the business. Bo Burlingham tells the story of several companies that faced this decision and chose to grow according to their philosophy and values, and not … more »

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What we are learning

wreath and ampersand

One thing I like about the holiday season is the natural opportunity it provides for reflection and self-evaluation.  I use the time to look back over the books I’ve read and the goals that I set for the year. Since I’m inclined to this kind of analysis, I find it enlightening, sometime discouraging, but mostly invigorating as I look toward the future and make sure I’m doing what I can to ensure that it’s better than the past.

We recently completed an online survey with over 300 people responding with extremely helpful feedback about our business.  People can be more … more »

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My Favorite Christmas Album

The following is a post from 2010.  Occasionally I like to repost a story that now carries new meaning.  It was a very dark time that made me ask if it was the last Christmas I might have with my bride.  Thankfully the answer to that question was no.



snow angels

I was talking with The Future the other day about Christmas music and our discussion led to bands that feel the need to make a Christmas CD and how often these kinds of albums don’t seem to measure up to anything else the band had recorded.I asked him if … more »

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A Funny Thing Happened at Work Today…

liquor license

I can laugh about it now, but it wasn’t very funny at the time.

A couple of weeks ago, on a football Saturday, we were preparing for the day as usual; extra beer on ice, sufficient Bloody Mary mix, making sure everything was in place for the rush that lie ahead.  About 8:15am, an employee handed me the phone, indicating it was a police officer.

“This is Officer Chamberlain.  I’m calling to inform you that your liquor license has expired and if you sell alcohol today, you will be out of compliance.”

I replied, “Yes, I know.  I renewed it … more »

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Turn your head and cough

Some of you know from previous writings the reason I titled my blog, The Sustained Chef.  I wanted it to remind me that sustainability is an incomplete conversation without addressing the important choices and habits of the personal life.  Am I just as concerned with the inward fruits that are borne from my lifestyle as I am with the outward fruits that I cook and serve my guests?

The essence of sustainability is asking the question, “Can we keep going this way?” It applies to how we grow our food and how we produce our energy, but it also serves … more »

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Why Lincoln?

Nick Goodwin is posting to the Instagram page With the locals this week.  He asked me the question, “Why Lincoln?”  Here’s my answer:



Why Lincoln?

We came here 24 years ago because of an invitation. We stayed because we settled.

That sentence may sound less than inspiring, but like much of the appeal of the Midwest, its meaning is deep and its significance beyond first glance.

The word settle might connote giving up or giving in.  It may bring to mind an idea of resigning and accepting second best.  Why settle in Lincoln when there are more exciting places … more »