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No business plan survives its first customer.

This is important business advice, regardless the business or industry in which you start your company.  You study. You research. You plan. You execute. And then…

You adapt.

I would guess there are those that got it right on the first attempt, but I would also guess that most successful businesses have had to adjust and tweak their original plan.  The assumptions made on paper didn’t match the needs and demands of the market.

Does this miscalculation imply failure?  Only if the entrepreneur fails to change.


Six months in at The Piedmont Bistro, we are learning a lot about our market and what our guests desire.  This month, we are making a concerted effort to address these and hopefully make necessary improvements to make it feel more like your place, the kind of place you want to come back to over and over again.  Here’s where we are going:

Menu adjustments.

More choices.

In our recent survey, the request made by the highest percentage of respondents is more menu choices, so we plan to do just that. On Wednesday, June 15 we will roll out our new, improved menu at an event we are calling our Summer ReOpening.  Watch for a link to sign up for the sneak preview party held that night.  Sign up for our email newsletter at to receive first notice of all our announcements.

More seafood, more sandwiches.

These are the most requested changes, so the new menu will feature more of each. Yes, we are keeping the duck dish.


New Bakery.

On Sunday, June 5 our Provisions shop will become The Piedmont Bakery, providing fresh baked goods twice a day; sweet breads and pastries in the morning and yeast and sourdough breads after 4pm to pick up on your drive home. You’ll still be able to get wines, beers and unique specialty foods and gifts.  We will be carrying the signature cinnamon rolls from our sister restaurant, bread&cup, as well as their granolas and apple butter.


Beer Garden.

We have such a beautiful patio and fireplace and guests tell us they’d like more local craft beers to enjoy on it. We will kick off June with a Pint Night with our good friends at ZipLine Brewing.  They will be releasing their fantastic Double IPA on our patio on Wednesday, June 01 from 4pm -6pm.  Buy a pint and keep the glass.

We want to bring attention to our Happy Hour and Late Night opportunities to enjoy a pint or drink with friends. Happy Hour is 3pm – 530pm daily and Late Night begins at 9pm to close.  Our central location makes it convenient to meet up with friends who might be on opposite ends of town.


Sunday Brunch.

I won’t say much about it yet, but that indeed, we are planning to roll out a full Sunday Brunch later this month


So these are the ways we are trying to listen to guests and make the adjustments we can control.  This is what makes business fun and interesting.  There’s a lot to rediscover about The Piedmont Bistro.  I hope to see you soon.

What are we learning?