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Seasons change whether we like it or not.  Winter brings its darkness along with its bone-deep cold.  Summer begets its searing heat and humidity.  But both of these seasons carry anticipated activity, like snow skiing and trips to the lake.  Every season has its two sides; either half full or half empty.  It all depends on perspective.


A season is turning at bread&cup as we sadly say goodbye to our long time chef, Matt, and empower him toward new opportunities for growth and development.  Thus we begin our search for the next generation chef that can carry us into the next season.  I’ve always held the notion that when an employee leaves, don’t stare at the hole that it creates.  Instead, I’ve learned to see it as an opportunity for the right person that has been waiting to fill it.


From its inception, I’ve always seen bread&cup as a learning environment.  Its where I learned to grow as a chef and business owner.  Its where many have gotten a start in a culinary environment that convinced them that they had a passion for food that they didn’t know they had.  It’s a place where we’ve been able to believe in people before they believed in themselves.


The position is full-time and likely suited to someone that is seeking to take a risk and move forward in their budding culinary career. It’s not a place to keep doing what you’ve been doing in a new kitchen because you are tired of your current situation. We want someone that needs a new challenge, not just new landscape.  If you are interested in exploring this opportunity to see if it fits your strengths and goals, send me a letter, not a resume. Describe your interest and why you feel you would like to be considered.

To start the conversation, you can reach me at

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