Act Your Age


It’s a tiny little thing, less than an eighth inch in diameter, orange in color, with a crease across the face of one side.  It can easily be lost if dropped, so I guard it carefully because it has made a significant impact on my well-being in a short period of time

The thing to which I am referring is my dosage of hydrochlorothiazide, the medication I take to lower my blood pressure.  What it really does is reduce sodium in the blood stream and lower shortness of breath.  The domino effect from there has led to improved sleep, which … more »

August 02, 2005

kevin and dad

My dad passed away 11 years ago today, and I still feel the loss of the man who had a huge part of shaping my life and my character.  My first thought when I found out the news was that he would never see my restaurant that I was about to open, and that I would never see the look of delight on his face as he sat at my bar and let me slide a cold one his way.  Grief is important to experience and express, because the pain say the life mattered.  It wouldn’t hurt if it didn’t … more »