How To See Better.

reading glasses

Years ago, a mentor said to me, “Shinn, you seem to possess a natural sense of vision.” As a college freshman of 18 years of age, I had no idea what he was talking about.  Having poor eyesight all my life, I thought maybe he was trying to help me feel better about my Coke bottle glasses, of which I was always very self-conscious.

He went on to explain to me his meaning of vision wasn’t so much about trusting in a set of physical eyes, but instead as the ability to imagine the better future, and a willingness to … more »

The Future of Food




While we can’t live in the future, we certainly like to try and predict it.  Sports books make their money off of this basic human impulse.  But the only way of benefitting from future outcome is to lay down a researched bet and hope that your number comes up.  Regardless of how much you think you have a sure thing, betting on the future is still a gamble.

My wife and I have placed a bet on the future of food.  This bet involves a belief that our general culture will eventually shift in how it views food … more »