It’s no revelation to say that music has the power to speak to the soul in ways much more effectively than mere words alone.  Every culture has its songs, hymns and anthems it relies on in times of celebration and mourning; for the sake of tradition as well as for the future. And there may arguably be no better example of this than the enduring and endearing music of the Irish.

What is the one overarching quality attached to the Irish? It would have to be the word, luck.  Yet if you know anything of Irish history, they are a people who have a record of anything but luck.  Exiled, raped, beaten, burned and marginalized to the outer regions, the Irish have endured terrible treatment. So why do we refer to them as lucky?

I believe it has everything to do with the spirit of the people who survived their plight and resolved to rise above it all with a sense of hope, faith and providence.  Bitterness was not a chosen option, and it has affected the whole world as a result.  You’ll find a St Patrick’s Day parade in the smallest of towns, and a de facto adoption, if only for a day, of millions as a citizen of Ireland.

The Elders embody this in their music and personality.  They are a band that is both talented, and a pleasure to watch.  Their energy invites you forward and asks you to engage. Wayne Coyne claims that no one leaves a Flaming Lips show unhappy, but he does not hold exclusive rights to this statement. Every show I’ve seen The Elders play, my face hurts from smiling so much, and I would be willing to bet I’m not alone.

They perform Thursday, June 12at Vega, just over in the Railyard.  I will be there. I hope I can convince you as well.


Excerpt from the song Luck of the Irish

Luck of the Irish
Where on earth did that phrase come from?
Luck of the Irish
Never knowing what tomorrow will become

We’ve been beaten, burned, and enslaved
Starved from the lands where our fathers dug their graves
Never losing faith we have fought for every mile
Still no matter where you go you’ll always find an Irish smile

©2009 The Elders, Gael Day


Why you should hear this band.

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  • June 5, 2014 at 2:26 am

    I could not agree more! I met The Elders last summer at a hot air balloon event in Kansas City where I was the MC. I’d never heard of them or Celtic Rock music. Their music moves my soul – perhaps because I am of Scot/Irish descent. The energy of their concerts is contagious. They have become my favorite band and I carried their CDs with me on a recent 3-week holiday to Scotland. They are a phenomenal band! I hope someday to join them on one of their tours of Ireland.

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