Its interesting how it takes one day like today to completely change one’s outlook.  The overcast skies, damp air and cooler temperatures signal a distinct change of season.  For me it brings a little twinge of grief, knowing I’ll be forced indoors for the next several months.  I’ll be sad to lose my garden, and the yard full of flowers that I nurture.  I’ll say goodbye to the birds that fill my trees and balmy evenings enjoying the chirp of crickets and buzzing noise of locusts.

But there is a time for everything, and the turning of the season brings new pleasures to embrace, and not the least of these is the food of Fall.

The obvious pumpkins will reappear and like most things seasonal, we will run with them till our skin turns orange.  Apples grown here in Nebraska make me look forward to the autumn. They work as well in sweet applications as they do in savory ones.  Brassicas like the cooler weather and are at best with a little frost on their leaves.

Is there any better aroma than the Food of Fall?  The smell of cinnamon, nutmeg and clove wafting through the air as the steam floats from the oven baking pumpkin and apple pie?  That scent seems an attempt to offset the chill of the changing outdoor temperatures, making it somehow an even trade.

This evening our menu bends toward the Food of Fall.  We bring back the pumpkin lasagna and scallops with butternut squash.  The weeks ahead we will add more seasonal changes.  I hope you can join us soon.  Why not tonight?

Don’t let parking be an issue.  We can always reserve a place in the lot next door for five dollars a vehicle.  Call ahead to 402-438-2255 for your reservation and let the host know you’d like a parking stall as well.

We’ll set the table; you bring the conversation.

The Food of Fall