Without a doubt, the Haymarket has recently gone through a sudden metamorphosis, seemingly almost overnight.  The outer features like the Railyard and Pinnacle Bank Arena are obvious changes to the landscape, but there is another change that has simultaneously occurred.  The increase in traffic means a lack of street side parking.

As a resident of the Haymarket for six and a half years, it’s been fascinating to watch the transformation of the area from our front door step.  In those early days, our patrons could often park on the street right in front of our restaurant and walk right in.  The ease of coming and going as you pleased was a luxury back then because we were the farthest business north on 8th Street (which used to be a dead end, remember?)

It’s true that coming to dine with us now requires a little more forethought than before, but its not as hard as you might think.  I point out the public lot with the big green sign just a block north provides easy access as does the neighboring lot through the alley just east of our building.  In addition there is a garage one block south of us off of 9th & R.  We say this because we don’t want our loyal friends to be discouraged by the new renovations.  Any kind of outer change always requires an equal shift in inward perspective.

parking sign

Like you, we look forward to warm weather when we can get back on our bikes and ride. We have new ideas and specials planned for our outdoor dining season, which includes incentives for bike riders and other non-auto travelers.

bikes outside bc

Also watch for our new menu change in February.  As culinary trends evolve, we think it’s time to make some modifications of our own.  My research subjects include more gluten-free  ingredients, new grains and sources of protein.  I think you’ll like what you see, but more importantly, what you taste.

We’ll set the table; you bring the conversation.

Perception and Change