Monday we launched a series of new additions and changes to our menu and operation. I’d like to outline a few of the reasons for these changes, because some of them include doing away with some items that have been around for a long time.

new bread loaves

New bread

Gone are the baguettes that we’ve made since opening.  Why take away such a staple?   By baking new sandwich style loaves, it will allow us to make sandwiches that have a softer bite and a more consistent loaf.  We are keeping and increasing production of the ciabatta loaf, as well as adding fresh bread in the evening.

Gluten free

gluten free banana bread

I’ve resisted this for quite some time, mainly because of issues of quality.  I never wanted to offer a product that was less than favorable and that I had to apologize for.  But we have been researching and learning much about how gluten free grains behave and have found a few offerings that we feel proud of.  You can try our Daily Bread at lunch, biscuits and quickbreads that go great with our soups or stews and happen to be made with grains that are gluten free.  This choice also brings more diversity and variety into our products so we are not so dependent on wheat as a solitary grain.  I must add that we are still baking these in an environment where gluten is present.

No roast beef sandwich

What? In the Beef State?  Yes, for two reasons.  One, it actually has declined in popularity on our menu.  Two, beef prices have risen dramatically due to the early snow storms in the Dakotas that unexpectedly killed hundreds of thousands of cattle last fall.  So instead of raising the price of the sandwich, we decided to focus on what performs best and can still stay affordable.

Cookie Happy Hour

Every weekday from 3-4pm, just as they come out of the oven, all cookies are 2 for 1. We also have $4 adult chocolate milk for the big people.  Step away from the desk, walk down the street for a couple of cookies and put a smile back on your face.

New Vegetarian choices

Try our Bean&Potato Loaf, an all-vegetarian open faced hot sandwich. The new Wilted Kale Salad has a new twist to the plain old salad routine. Our roasted vegetable sandwich changed to a Vegetable Saute Mix.  Similar ingredients, but as a hot sauté sandwich rather than chilled presentation. These are available 11am-4pm M-Sa.

More nimble wine list

We culled through our dogs and stuck with our best sellers.  This will help us keep our inventory more efficient as well as offer new, one-and-done features without having to buy several cases and have them laying around.  This will give our guests opportunity to try new varietals at an affordable price and thus keep our list dynamic and fresh.

Clear the clutter

If you walk in and notice something is different, but not sure what it is, we’ve cleared away as much clutter as we possibly could.  Over the years its easy to slip into a rut and forget the clean lines that we originally designed.  Our kitchen is more open now that the counter is clear. It’s a visual change that hopefully reflects a new attitude of change that we are creating.

St Patrick’s Day

irish bc logo

I love all things Irish, which is why we do an Irish themed menu all day March 17.  This year we are brining everything from corned beef, to spare ribs to hogs heads.  Even though its not Irish, we are even offering our version of haggis.  I’ve had traditional haggis.  Ours won’t be in a sheep stomach, but it will be in a natural casing.  I trust if you get over the thought of it, you’ll enjoy it greatly.

Stop in and see us soon.  Let us know what you think of the changes.  Feedback is welcome and needed for improvement.

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