Every year we complain about the winter, but there does actually seem like something is different about this one.  Maybe it’s the extra dreary weather, or the deep cold temperatures we’ve experienced.  I wish I knew. If I could predict it, I’d design an app, sell it for a gazillion dollars and retire on the beach.  But that’s not likely to happen, so I should just stick to things I can observe and understand and make those work.

Business has been unusually slow this winter.  The common talk in our city is that the market has become oversaturated with new restaurants, but I chat with owners and managers of the new places and they aren’t hitting it out of the park either.  There seems to be a collective funk people are experiencing.  Whatever it is that has led to the malaise, I’m positive it will change soon enough.  Before long the daffodils WILL emerge, the trees WILL bud and leaf out, and it will get warmer, which always makes everyone feel better.

daffodils emerging

We’ve been working hard on crafting new changes for you to enjoy when it comes time to awake from hibernation.  The Farmers Market opens in a little over a month, which means you’ll see me pulling the little green wagon around to fill it with the week’s bounty for the Saturday Night Market Meal.  The patio will soon be available for your leisurely Saturday morning bloody mary and mimosa before or after you stroll the market.  Imagine reading the paper with a hot cup of French pressed coffee, a plate of black pepper bacon and farm eggs with your close friends.  Saturdays at bread&cup will be special destination.

green wagon

A new addition that has been a hit is our Local Cheese Plate.  Pictured are Shadowbrook chevre, Branched Oak quark and our own house ricotta.  These three soft cheeses are served with a loaf of ciabatta and a pinch of sea salt.  It’s a great conversation plate or start to a meal.

local cheese plate

St Patrick’s Day this year was a whole lot of fun, especially for us in the kitchen.  We took a stab at making haggis, and before you interrupt and protest that haggis isn’t Irish, neither am I, so I figure I can bring whatever I like to the celebration.  It wasn’t exactly traditional, because we can’t get all the nasty bits like lung and kidney, but we did use the heart, the liver, some barley and lots of onion and stuff it in a natural casing.  Sheep’s stomachs are hard to come by here in the states.


Come see us soon.  Don’t forget the parking lot next door directly on the east side of our building, or the public lot with the big green sign just north of us one block.  Hang in there. It will warm up soon enough, and then we can start griping about the heat.

public parking

beef and guinness stew

corned rib plate and cabbage

Sunny Skies, Moderate Temperatures and a Bloody Mary

2 thoughts on “Sunny Skies, Moderate Temperatures and a Bloody Mary

  • March 28, 2014 at 1:58 am

    You have a way of painting a beautiful picture with words Kevin, I am making a Saturday morning on the porch a priority for my Summer! That cheese plate is fantastic, keep up the good work!

  • April 3, 2014 at 4:47 pm

    The gluten-free cheddar biscuit (noticed it pictured above) was phenomenal! I had it the other day with the Ploughman — perfect combo!!

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