Turn your head and cough

Some of you know from previous writings the reason I titled my blog, The Sustained Chef.  I wanted it to remind me that sustainability is an incomplete conversation without addressing the important choices and habits of the personal life.  Am I just as concerned with the inward fruits that are borne from my lifestyle as I am with the outward fruits that I cook and serve my guests?

The essence of sustainability is asking the question, “Can we keep going this way?” It applies to how we grow our food and how we produce our energy, but it also serves … more »

Why Lincoln?

Nick Goodwin is posting to the Instagram page With the locals this week.  He asked me the question, “Why Lincoln?”  Here’s my answer:



Why Lincoln?

We came here 24 years ago because of an invitation. We stayed because we settled.

That sentence may sound less than inspiring, but like much of the appeal of the Midwest, its meaning is deep and its significance beyond first glance.

The word settle might connote giving up or giving in.  It may bring to mind an idea of resigning and accepting second best.  Why settle in Lincoln when there are more exciting places … more »

The Food of Fall


Its interesting how it takes one day like today to completely change one’s outlook.  The overcast skies, damp air and cooler temperatures signal a distinct change of season.  For me it brings a little twinge of grief, knowing I’ll be forced indoors for the next several months.  I’ll be sad to lose my garden, and the yard full of flowers that I nurture.  I’ll say goodbye to the birds that fill my trees and balmy evenings enjoying the chirp of crickets and buzzing noise of locusts.

But there is a time for everything, and the turning of the season brings … more »