Help Wanted


You’ve obviously noticed the amount of new restaurants cropping up downtown and surrounding the arena.  This is an exciting season in Lincoln’s culinary scene. It’s good to see people willing to put their chips on the table and get in on the action.  Competition is good for everyone involved.  It’s good for the consumer by providing more choices.  But it’s also good for me as the business owner.  It forces me to stay on my game, remind myself why I am in the business and constantly push me to ensure my guest is receiving the best food and hospitality they … more »

Free to fail = Free to succeed

Dear Entrepreneur,

If you’re at the point in your journey where you find yourself sitting in front of a banker and you hear these words, “the restaurant business is the hardest for a startup…”, it’s likely a prelude to saying why they don’t want to lend you the money.  At which point you will be faced with a choice; listen, agree and give up, or dig a little deeper to find your resolve and keep pressing toward your dream.

I’ve sat across from that desk.

july 4 2014

When you set out to own your own business, there are certain things you stop … more »