Why I love this band

We had the privilege of hosting and hearing my favorite band on the planet, The Elders, last Thursday. They played a show at Vega, just a block away from the restaurant, and man, was it ever a blast. Surrounded by family and friends, we danced and sang like crazy people should. If I seem overly enthusiastic and hyperbolic, here’s why.

the elders 1

Four years ago I was providing care for my wife who had undergone surgery to remove a tumor attached to her right ovary. It was malignant and yes it would require extensive treatment. It was hard to wrap my head … more »

Why you should hear this band.


It’s no revelation to say that music has the power to speak to the soul in ways much more effectively than mere words alone.  Every culture has its songs, hymns and anthems it relies on in times of celebration and mourning; for the sake of tradition as well as for the future. And there may arguably be no better example of this than the enduring and endearing music of the Irish.

What is the one overarching quality attached to the Irish? It would have to be the word, luck.  Yet if you know anything of Irish history, they are a … more »

The Little Restaurant That Could

First off, let me make it clear that I am not anti-arena

kev overlooking PBA

I am referring to the story that appeared in INC magazine last week that describes the effects that the Pinnacle Bank Arena has had on our business in the last nine months.  If you have not read it, here is the link to the article, else the rest of this post may not have context.


As described in the story, the opening of the arena brought about some very sudden changes in the Haymarket, most of which had to do with infrastructure and parking.  Guests can recall … more »