A Picture of Remembrance

I lived on a rural acreage as a boy, one with plenty of room to explore and let the imagination run wild.  One of the places I played on this property was at the site of an old homestead.  We didn’t have much information on the house other than the small clues we discovered by visual examination of relics and artifacts left over from the previous landowner.  All that was left of the home as I remember was the outline of its stone and concrete foundation.  It was a very small dwelling.  There were old Mason jars still intact and … more »

The Sustained Chef

A couple of years ago I title my blog, The Sustained Chef, primarily out of the irony that chefs are engaged in.  There is an inordinate amount of talk about sustainable food, sustainable agriculture, sustainable energy and environmental practices, but when it comes to living sustainable lifestyle as a chef, we give it a blind eye and continue to brag about how many hours we put in last week.  So I made a conscious commitment to try to change that in my own day to day habits and practices.

Since that choice, it seems like I’ve been challenged daily on … more »

How to find a good restaurant

As an avid reader, I have had to develop an unnatural impulse when it comes to collecting reading material.  The amount of books, magazines, articles, catalogs, reviews, and cookbooks that catch my attention is enormous. And it took me several years to realize that there is no way I would possibly have time to explore every one of them.  The stack just kept getting higher and higher as did my frustration level with each added resource.  I have to religiously cull through them or else get accused of being a hoarder because the pile gets too high.

Now add the … more »