Sunny Skies, Moderate Temperatures and a Bloody Mary

Every year we complain about the winter, but there does actually seem like something is different about this one.  Maybe it’s the extra dreary weather, or the deep cold temperatures we’ve experienced.  I wish I knew. If I could predict it, I’d design an app, sell it for a gazillion dollars and retire on the beach.  But that’s not likely to happen, so I should just stick to things I can observe and understand and make those work.

Business has been unusually slow this winter.  The common talk in our city is that the market has become oversaturated with new … more »

New this Spring

Monday we launched a series of new additions and changes to our menu and operation. I’d like to outline a few of the reasons for these changes, because some of them include doing away with some items that have been around for a long time.

new bread loaves

New bread

Gone are the baguettes that we’ve made since opening.  Why take away such a staple?   By baking new sandwich style loaves, it will allow us to make sandwiches that have a softer bite and a more consistent loaf.  We are keeping and increasing production of the ciabatta loaf, as well as adding fresh … more »