Perception and Change

Without a doubt, the Haymarket has recently gone through a sudden metamorphosis, seemingly almost overnight.  The outer features like the Railyard and Pinnacle Bank Arena are obvious changes to the landscape, but there is another change that has simultaneously occurred.  The increase in traffic means a lack of street side parking.

As a resident of the Haymarket for six and a half years, it’s been fascinating to watch the transformation of the area from our front door step.  In those early days, our patrons could often park on the street right in front of our restaurant and walk right in.  … more »

What to do in case of fire….

…or any other crisis for that matter.

2013 conditioned me in a Pavlovian way to dread the bleep of my smartphone, fearing that it might be yet another notification that something has broken down, hit the fan or gone wrong.  I know it’s not a good way to live, and I put at the top of my New Year’s Resolution list to learn how to keep concern from turning into worry.  When I got the text at 7:02am from my chef saying there was a fire in the restaurant and the fire department was on the scene, it was another … more »