corn field cropped


In any narrative, words used to define it are sure to include descriptors such as heartland, hardworking, commitment, and good honest folks.  It’s a place to sink down roots and establish a career.  It’s a state in which to raise a family and build upon old traditions as well as create new ones. It’s a land you can be proud of.

We know this from first-hand experience.  Karen and I moved to Nebraska in 1990, thinking we would only stay for 2-3 years before we moved off to greener pastures.  But it wasn’t long until we saw how green the grass was on this side of the fence, so we decided to stay longer. And now, these many years later, we still recall the reasons we stayed.

It’s a good place to call home.

We hope that Jack&June will be a representation of that decision, and not only for us, but for the many others that call Nebraska their home.

The restaurant is named after my parents; two people that reflected the values that are so endearing to me. The menu is an effort to reach back to an earlier day, where food was made by hand, with simple ingredients, from recipes passed down from generations prior.  It’s simple food that reflects and celebrates our Midwestern heritage, possibly leading you to tell a story that starts with, “I remember…”

Here’s to good food, good friends, and the good life.

It won’t be long now.

Who we are