Here’s a preview of what to expect from us this year:

6th Market Meal Season.  Though the weather doesn’t feel like it, our local farmer’s market opens for the 2013 season this Saturday.  With that comes our Saturday Market Meal, which we began five years ago in 2008.  I looked back over some of the old menus we presented then and note how much we’ve been able to develop this experience.  The prix fixe menu was a bit foreign to many of our guests at that time.  People are accustomed to having several choices and substitution options.  We weren’t sure how to resolve this other than to stick to our plan and hopefully allow the experience itself to educate and confirm that dining in this way is a fully pleasurable means. Like most forms of change, it’s been a slow process, but a sure one at that.

Our Restaurant Garden. I’ve been a gardener far longer than I’ve been a chef.  I’ve been growing things in small containers and plots of dirt since I was a little boy.  The urge in me is as perennial as springtime.  I’ve always had a dream of stepping out of my restaurant kitchen into a full blown garden, harvesting for that day and preparing a menu based directly on that harvest.  I envy chefs that have this pleasure.

Late last winter I put out a call for garden space to plant and grow for our direct use in the restaurant.  A long time friend responded with an invitation to use her land, only about 10 min away.  Granted, it’s not a step out the back door, but it will suffice. I asked Matt, one of my most industrious employees, if he would be our restaurant gardener for the season, and he gladly said yes.  After several weeks of soil prep and planning, we have seeds and seedlings ready for planting. Now if the weather would just warm up.

Expanded Violet Hour.  Guests still respond by saying we keep the best secrets in town when they find out something they didn’t know about us.  Some might call it bad marketing; I call it patience.  We’ve been patient from day one with the belief that if we allow the ancient practice of word-of-mouth communication to function organically, then eventually we would enjoy the dividend of that patience.

The Violet Hour is our evening cocktail feature after 9pm on Thursday thru Saturday.  Its intent is to promote the use of our space, especially our patio, for later evening conversation, combined with our crafted adult beverages.  We want to be the place that comes to your mind of where to go after the show, after the concert, when you’re just not ready for the date to end.  Starting May 09, we will unveil our new Violet Hour menu with food and drink specials to enhance your conversation.

Summer Wines.  Some of the menu ideas produced at bread&cup stem from how Karen and I like to relax at home. Our little screened porch is our living room in the warm weather months, where we end the day, often with a nice bottle of wine and a little simple food.  You’ll notice three new light, refreshing wines we’ve added for this reason.  So if the weather ever gets warmer, keep these in mind for a late afternoon rendezvous at 8th & S.

What’s ahead?

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  • May 1, 2013 at 2:28 pm

    We look forward to patio wine time at bread&cup! I too am planting a small garden and will be looking to develop an urban garden in downtown Lincoln.

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