Dear Entrepreneur,

I keep writing to you because I want there to be at least one positive voice amid the negative ones you hear in your head.  You know what they are.  They are the voices of the detractors, the spies, those demons of self-doubt that create a dizzying cacophony  echoing between your ears in your quieter moments.  Everyone has them.  Some are louder than others. Some people do a better job ignoring or silencing them, but they are present nonetheless.

You are an entrepreneur because you are the Keeper of an Idea. Keep forever in mind that ideas are powerful statements.  Ideas put humans on the moon.  Ideas lead to the development of machinery and technology that forever changes human interaction.  Ideas can cure diseases and lead to great discoveries.

But in the grand scheme, your idea may not seem so earth-shaking and the voices remind you of that.  They utter statements that try to diminish your plan and make you question your intentions. They will try to convince you that you are wasting your time and that you are a fool for ever thinking you could prosper.

For me, my idea wasn’t to change the entire world; I just wanted to change my own.

I wanted a business I could be proud of.  I wanted work that I enjoyed daily.  I wanted something my family could join in if they desired.

I wanted a work place that employees felt respected and where they looked forward to coming to work.  I wanted a staff that could see and love the outcome of their effort.

I wanted a place that would be a blessing to its community. I wanted it to make people happy.  I wanted a business that gave back.

As you can see, my idea was rooted in desire.  I wanted a lot of things.

And therein lays the danger.  The more you want, the more you risk disappointing yourself.  There is no sheltered path as an entrepreneur.  You can’t have it easy. Whether you are hoping to cure cancer or just figuring out a better way to market inventory software, every idea carries some form of risk.

There is no such thing as a safe idea.

The Keeper of an Idea