Raise some dough for Nikole

Thursday, May 09, 2013

at bread&cup – 440 N 8th Street

Nikole Anderson is 12 year old girl dealing with childhood rheumatoid arthritis.  Her case is so severe that she has already had to have double hip replacement surgery.  She captured my heart recently when she was in our restaurant one Thursday for Pizza Night.  Her mom, Brandy, introduced Nikole to me and told me a little of her story.  I was struck with deep sadness to consider this little girl had to deal with such a difficult disease at a young age.  As I turned to Nikole to express my sorrow, she looked at me with a seasoned sense of maturity in her eyes and said,

“It’s OK, Mr. Shinn. You don’t have to feel bad.”

I had to bite my lip and choke back the tears.

Why it hit me so strongly comes from my experience with Karen’s cancer. I’m familiar with disruption and with the uncertainty caused by a ruthless disease.  I’m a man of middle age and was just ministered to by a 12 year old.

“It’s OK, Mr. Shinn.”

If an angel spoke, I imagine having the same response. Ambushed, floored, completely taken aback. Call it what you may, I was moved deeply, so much so, that I had to respond. To ignore a hallowed moment like this would deny its weight.  That’s when Nikole’s mom told me of the financial need. I immediately said, yes, whatever we can do to help. So we are going to Raise Some Dough for Nikole.

When I interview potential kitchen staff, I always ask them what they would make for me if I came over for dinner. I want to know what food is special and important to them.  Bread is one such food for me.  I love the simplicity of bread’s ingredients combined with its intoxicating aromas coming out of the oven. I love teaching my bread  class because fresh bread invokes memories.  I can’t tell you how many participants say that their mother or grandmother made bread all the time and they want to reconnect with that tradition. Bread is important to me.

So this Thursday, May 09, 2013, I will be making bread through the day in honor of Nikole’s need.  I will donate 100% of the proceeds of these specialty loaves in her name.  On top of that, we will give 10% of our total daily sales to her cause.

I hope you can meet Nikole, as she and her mom will be in for pizza that evening. Lets trust the weather cooperates so we can pack as many people inside and out for this special young lady.

For more information, see the story in Sunday’s Journal Star


Raise Some Dough for Nikole