If you are a new reader of my blog, the theme of my latest posts might not seem very chef-like. So let me give a little more back story as to why.

A couple of years ago I renamed my blog, The Sustained Chef.  I did so because I noticed an irony between my personal and professional life.  I put a significant amount of energy and care in the quality and source of the food that I put on your plate in the restaurant, but I was not as equally interested in giving attention to my own well-being.  In every occasion of the ongoing conversation surrounding sustainability, I’ve never seen an article or episode that includes living a sustainable lifestyle, of which chefs are notorious for violating.  At that point it seemed to me that I had things backward.  What did it matter if I was eating sustainably if I was not living with the same purpose? Hence the title.

When I sit down to write, I am my first and primary audience.  My themes and topics are usually aimed at myself.  From my professional ministry background, I can’t escape the imperative to practice what I preach.  The obese pastor that scolds his congregation about overeating has no authority from which to speak.  He becomes just another case of the pot calling the kettle black.  When my blood pressure started creeping upward, that’s when I knew I was just as guilty.

I turn 50 this month.  The interesting thing I find about growing older is that it still requires growing.  And while my body is in decline and I can’t run as far or work as hard, I must learn how to adjust gracefully to this next life transition.  My failing eyes see new possibilities.  My tired legs run new and different courses.  My mind ascends to new vistas.

Just like an adolescent discovers that growing up brings about some hard realities that require major adjustments, there is still new privilege in that next era.  I never even considered that I would have to learn how to keep growing as I got older.  I just figured it would come naturally.  But since human nature tends to resist change, why was I surprised?

Practice What You Preach