When I engage people in conversation about Jack&June, there are some predictable questions that get raised.  I assume if I get these questions, everyone else does too.  But here’s how I am describing an answer to one question I am getting over and over again:

How will Jack&June be different from bread&cup?

You should be able to tell they are related, with the same DNA, but they are like brother and sister. Distinct approaches and different orientation will define the food and experience. We will use similar sources for our beef, pork, and chicken.  The four seasons will be reflected, yet in different ways.

bread&cup is all about learning, growing and moving forward.  From the beginning, it’s where I learned to really hone my craft of cooking, baking and presentation.  It’s where I discovered my love for hospitality and how to bring our brand of it to Lincoln. We constantly change the menu, for seasonal reasons as well as educational reasons.  Change allows for the learning of new techniques and new methods.  Many items appear on the menu that have never been tried before.  Our commitment to improving what we do pushes us forward in the kitchen.

At bread&cup, a guest will likely find food on the bread&cup menu that they’ve never seen or at least unfamiliar to them.  Items like Hog’s Head, rabbit liver, braunschweiger, lamb belly, pork cheeks, or smoked shanks.  The reason for these items is to honor the whole food source by not wasting anything, but also testing the skill of the kitchen to take something that seems like a scrap and turn it into something savory and pleasurable. In a word, the food will continue to be Midwestern progressive

Jack&June, on the other hand, is about turning around and looking backward.  It takes inspiration from our recent heritage and our longing for a simpler day.  It reaches back to a time when food was prepared all by hand, all from scratch, simply, but carefully and honestly.  In doing all this, it says we are looking for a sense of connection to that legacy.  We don’t want go back and live there, but we do want to remember it, fondly and with great appreciation. Here the word is: Midwestern tradition

There will be no challenges or surprises to the menu at Jack&June.  They were common, ordinary, everyday folks.  They appreciated good food, but their day to day preference was simple and routine.  Food at Jack&June will be recognizable to a wide audience.  Older folk will remember the dishes fondly.  A younger generation will likely redefine them, thus proving that what’s old is new again.

The commonality of the two lies in our philosophy of hospitality, which is to be distinguished from good service.  Service includes the technical aspects of the transaction you received.  Was your food cooked properly?  Did you receive the drink you ordered?  Was your beer delivered cold and prompt?  These are the nuts and bolts of service.  Hospitality is how that transaction made you feel.  Yes, you got your order correctly, and the food was hot, but the server was cold. It’s our desire to make folks feel welcomed into a place that immediately makes them want to come back.

How will J&J be different from b&c?

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  • August 15, 2013 at 5:15 pm

    Finally, someone at a restaurant who knows what hospitality is and embraces the concept. We love to eat but are able to prepare delicious foods at home. We go out for the experience of meeting new people (especially the servers or owners). When we are welcomed into their location as if we are family we are sure to come back often. Thank you for giving us such a location here in Lincoln.

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