How is everything?


No business plan survives the first customer.

No matter how much you plan, how hard you work, there is always something that you will not foresee when you open your doors for business.

Like grilled cheese sandwiches.

Such a simple item, right? Cheese and bread, toasted til gooey, just like mom made. Shouldn’t be that big of a deal.  But when 60% of the lunch orders included grilled cheese, we found a flaw in the plan. We’re gonna need a bigger grill.

It’s been a full week since we opened our doors at Jack&June.  We officially started last Sunday at … more »

Its your turn to get up…


Its 4:45am, and sleep feels like a luxury at this point in the process of opening our new restaurant.  When the baby needs attention, even in the middle of the night, somebody has to get up and take care of it. When both of our kids were born, we were fortunate to have lots of help; grandparents, neighbors and other friends would pitch in to help with miscellaneous duties.  The strength derived from this support became extremely helpful when the going got tough

And the going has gotten tough in this opening week.  The stress is starting to mount.  The … more »

What it feels like


Now that Jack&June is open, I am often asked what it feels like to own and operate two restaurants, and if I am twice as busy as before. From the outside, it would appear that way, but in order to grow as we have, it requires some critical factors, one of which is a devoted team.  It is this team that I feel most fortunate to lead.

As my leadership responsibilities grow, I am most humbled by the obligation I have to those who have decided that our vision is worth adopting. The work in our industry is hard and … more »

How to open a restaurant


I posted on Twitter last week how opening a restaurant is akin to having a child; Lots of fun to conceive, lots of labor pains, but tremendous joy and pride in seeing it grow up.  I received quite a bit of feedback from that tweet, which caused me to reflect a little further on it.

Joy to conceive. I would officially mark January 2012 on the calendar as the day Jack&June was formally conceived, even though the idea for a second restaurant had been in my mind for longer than that.  I clearly remember that chilly day in January … more »