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In any narrative, words used to define it are sure to include descriptors such as heartland, hardworking, commitment, and good honest folks.  It’s a place to sink down roots and establish a career.  It’s a state in which to raise a family and build upon old traditions as well as create new ones. It’s a land you can be proud of.

We know this from first-hand experience.  Karen and I moved to Nebraska in 1990, thinking we would only stay for 2-3 years before we moved off to greener pastures.  But it wasn’t long until we saw how green … more »

If Tables Could Talk

This is a guest blog from Austin Mackrill, the man who made the tables at which you will dine at Jack&June


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The story began with an idea from some friends…like a Ray of Hope.  The goal was to create community via outdoor dining in our neighborhoods on 10 foot farm tables.  That was just a year ago, but those four handcrafted tables have created what feels like years of rich memories.  Memories within community that occurred while gathering up the reclaimed wood and constructing them.  Memories within community that occurred while dining at them.  Memories of birthday gatherings, a … more »


austins woodshedLast night I stopped by the workshop of Austin Mackrill, the man crafting the tables for Jack&June, to survey the final stage and to mark the moment with a bottle of 14yr single malt.  Such an accomplishment requires a commensurate milestone.  The tops are simple, understated and yet so rich with iconic meaning.  To the average person, it will be just a table.  To Austin and a few of us, it will be a part of a much bigger story.

As we sat outside the workshop in the cool night air, sipping the celebratory scotch, Austin asked me this … more »