What I Saw

The last 72 hours went by so fast, I felt it important this morning take it out of gear, set the parking brake, and reflect on what just happened.  Here’s what I saw.

rob and sandy

It began with the Lincoln Secret Supper’s Farm-Food-Fork event at the newly opened Pinnacle Bank Arena on Thursday.  The average person read in the paper about some big fancy dinner, 250 guests experienced it first hand at the table set for them on the arena floor, but from my vantage point I got a completely different picture.  I think I saw something more important.

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Very Good People


Yes, we have a new restaurant opening soon. Yes, it will be a lot of work. And yes, I still plan on having a life.

The latter I wasn’t so sure about 6 years ago.  Only a month into opening bread&cup, I thought I had made the biggest mistake of my life. I had no idea what fatigue was up till then.  I vividly remember sitting on the couch early one morning, unable to sleep, worried about all the details, and could count out my heart rate BPM by the pulsations in my feet.  I was that exhausted.

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How will J&J be different from b&c?

When I engage people in conversation about Jack&June, there are some predictable questions that get raised.  I assume if I get these questions, everyone else does too.  But here’s how I am describing an answer to one question I am getting over and over again:

How will Jack&June be different from bread&cup?

You should be able to tell they are related, with the same DNA, but they are like brother and sister. Distinct approaches and different orientation will define the food and experience. We will use similar sources for our beef, pork, and chicken.  The four seasons will be reflected, … more »

Mile Markers


My dad passed away 8 years ago today.  I am sitting in the same place this morning that I was when I got the phone call from mom saying it would be a good idea for me to come to Oklahoma because dad was on a fast decline.  I called Karen and she left work immediately. We hurriedly packed, put the kids in the car and drove south.  We arrived minutes after he had passed.

One thing about that day that I remember clearly was how quickly everything seemed to carry on.  There were arrangements to be made, forms to … more »