Raise Some Dough for Nikole

Raise some dough for Nikole

Thursday, May 09, 2013

at bread&cup – 440 N 8th Street

Nikole Anderson is 12 year old girl dealing with childhood rheumatoid arthritis.  Her case is so severe that she has already had to have double hip replacement surgery.  She captured my heart recently when she was in our restaurant one Thursday for Pizza Night.  Her mom, Brandy, introduced Nikole to me and told me a little of her story.  I was struck with deep sadness to consider this little girl had to deal with such a difficult disease at a young age.  As I … more »

What’s ahead?

Here’s a preview of what to expect from us this year:

6th Market Meal Season.  Though the weather doesn’t feel like it, our local farmer’s market opens for the 2013 season this Saturday.  With that comes our Saturday Market Meal, which we began five years ago in 2008.  I looked back over some of the old menus we presented then and note how much we’ve been able to develop this experience.  The prix fixe menu was a bit foreign to many of our guests at that time.  People are accustomed to having several choices and substitution options.  We weren’t … more »