Preference or Performance.

How should you react when you discover your customer doesn’t like your product?

First, don’t panic.

Especially in my industry, our product is all a matter of taste. It is important to leave room for this distinction because uniformity of taste doesn’t exist.  Everyone doesn’t like a medium rare steak.  If I discover you don’t like what I serve you, I must make an important assessment.

Was your disapproval due to your preference or my performance?

Does the customer simply not like my product or did I fail in execution and delivery?

Big difference.… more »

Phrases the entreprenuer no longer gets to use.

“That’s not my job”

“No one told me.”

“I didn’t know how”

“I’m too tired.”

“I don’t feel like it.”

“They didn’t do their job”

“It’s their fault.”

When you choose to become an entrepreneur, the buck stops with you. You are now at the top of the organizational chart.

Taking on this role means you forfeit your right to shift blame or to complain, not because no one cares, but because complaining is now an exercise in futility.  Complaining should always flow upstream, never down.  If it does, you contaminate the source from which your best ideas will emanate.… more »

Why this is your year to grow a garden

These seedlings are already about 3 weeks old. Soon grown to be cauliflower, bok choi, purslane, mache, cipollini and served on your plate at our restaurant; yes, Spring will be upon us before we know it.

I love Spring and its special delivery of renewal and relief from the cold, gray days in which we have endured rather than thrived.  Of the four seasons, anticipation would seem to be the dominant descriptor.  I anticipate the herald of Spring much more than the arrival of Summer, Fall and Winter. Even my emotional state improves as the mercury rises.

Gardening has always … more »