The unseasonably warm temperatures has brought smiles to many faces, but a few frowns to others.  We are a month out from the opening of the Farmer’s Market, and crops that would just be showing up in May are in abundance right now, making me wonder how farmers are going to market their asparagus or if it will go to waste without their dependable outlet for sales.

My therapist

For me, I have never planted a garden this early.  I once remember putting out tomato plants on April 14, but March 31st is unheard of.  A seasoned old gardener once said that if you arent’ losing plants to frost, you aren’t planting early enough.  It took me a second to understand his wisdom. While nobody likes to waste good seed,  it probably won’t break the bank if that $1.99 packet of beans get nipped in the cold. You do not count Canadian seed bank here.  Rolling the dice on planting time may payoff in early harvest and seizing neighborhood bragging rights.

I can tell the season shifts gears from Winter to Spring when Saturday attendance exceeds Friday.  Traditionally for us, because of our location, people don’t come back downtown in the winter on the weekend.  But with our Southern California outdoor hardscaping themed seating and the beautiful, pest-free weather, folks have taken advantage of both and filled our little corner on 8th & S all day Saturday.  I love the energy it brings, produced in part by the sounds of laughter and conversation around a table set with simple food and drink.

Cascade hops off to an early start

Spring is synonymous with the word new, so you can anticipate some spring-time developments on our menu  and operation.  Watch for new complements, sandwiches and seasonal drinks (Rhubarb gimlet soon.)  We offer our first Easter and Mother’s Day Brunch this year.  We have plans to launch an evening cocktail hour after 9pm with nightly drink features, and a Monday night Chef’s Table during the month of June, where I will cook and serve a seasonal, family style meal, with wine/beer pairings, for 12-15 people each week.  If you are interested in knowing more about our calendar and receiving news about our events, enter your email address at

We’ll set the table; you bring the conversation.

Seeds and Seasons