Day 5 and Karen is doing much better today.  She is up and moving around easily. The Dr is pleased with her progress.  We are hoping it continues.

Even in trying situations like these, you have to maintain the ability to laugh at certain things that really are funny, like when you realize the humor in the excitement in your voice telling people that she went #2 for the first time in several days.  Its like being parents of a toddler.  I forget the immediate reality in which I live.

Karen is reaching that point of feeling cooped up and getting bored sitting around.  As you know her, grass does not grow under Karen Shinn’s feet, so we are crossing our fingers that the Dr feels good enough to dismiss her soon.  Our plan is to send her to MO with her mom next week to continue her recovery.  Being 7 hours away from work and home will reduce the temptation to step back into work before its time.

Generosity naturally invokes two responses: gratitude and awe.  They are correlated.  The greater awareness of the extravagance of the gift, the greater the sense of astonishment of it.  The more we reflect on Sunday’s event, the more amazed we are of what you all have done for us.

Gratitude and Awe