The term “follow your dreams” gets volleyed around quite a bit in our self-actualized culture as if it is some kind of birthright or assumption in the 21st century.   We tell kids they can grow up to do or be whatever they want to be, but we don’t add a significant caveat to describe just what that will entail.  Dreams don’t just happen. Dreams require effort, lots of it, if they are going to become reality.

Even in literal dreams, as research shows, the stories and images we conjure up in our sleep are not from random thoughts, even though they may appear that way.  Sleep dreams are spawned from deeply seated longings and desires and are not to be interpreted literally.  When you have a dream involving a giraffe, your high school math teacher and a peanut butter sandwich, look past these elements. These details are usually unrelated. You should try to look beyond these weird elements and seek to find the source of the dream.

It’s the feeling of the dream that you need to key in on.

Dreams connect us to profound feelings and emotions.  If the dream didn’t matter, it wouldn’t stick with us, it wouldn’t bother us in the night. For years I was plagued with nightmares of all sorts of things chasing me in the night or ugly and unbearable things being said to me.  When I discovered that fear was the common denominator of these dreams, I was better equipped to address that fear and render it powerless. Going forward, any time I would have one of these awful dreams, I taught myself to walk through the house, in the dark, to confront the fear in my head.

I now owned the dream. It ceased to own me.

Dreams are a glimpse into our yearning for a better future.  I wanted to be free from the fear, but I also knew I could not be passive and bashfully wait for it to just go away.

Dreamers yearn for better communities, better technology, and cures for disease. We dreamed of a restaurant than could be about more than just food. In each and every case, it requires someone to step forward and own the dream.

Who will be the highest bidder?

Bidding on your dream
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2 thoughts on “Bidding on your dream

  • December 8, 2012 at 5:21 pm

    I’ve found these thoughts to be true. What we attention is realized. Now to the bicycle.

  • December 8, 2012 at 9:16 pm

    I’ve been reading a fair bit about entrepreneurship and finding your path lately. My favorite blogger at A Practical Wedding, notes in many of her posts on business ownership that often people see successful people and think they must have been lucky, that their star is really rising- but successful people haul up their own star.

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