Why bother staying open on a day like this?

Good question.  And it’s one that I actually learned how to answer several years ago, long before I entered the restaurant business.  It was a lesson in decision making that I remember from my days in college.

I don’t know why it made such an impact on me, but I was listening to a man lecture on time management and he made this statement that stood out and stayed with me these many years.  He said:

Make a decision and make it right

He explained that we should not put so much burden and worry on ourselves about whether or not we made the right decision. Instead, in some cases we should just once and for all decide what our response will be, regardless of circumstance. His simple point?  Locking his car doors. The speaker found that every time he got out of his car, he went through a little mental debate on whether or not he is parking in a place that should require the extra safety of locking up. (Note of context, this would have been in the days before electronic door locks and remote controls.) Instead of deliberating about locking the car or not, he said he just decided to always lock them.

Decision made. No need to revisit it. It will be the right call from now on.

I feel that way about keeping the restaurant open.  I could calculate the pros and cons of doing so, of whether or not it would be profitable, or about various safety concerns.  I could wonder if anyone will show, or I could just decide that I will always be open and be done with the conversation.  Make the decision and make it right, and let it stand, and carry on with business.

Are you open?