Paid in Full

I like quiet spaces.  I’m sitting in one early this morning. They give my mind property to roam.  It is here that I like to occasionally linger and visit my thoughts.  They don’t often speak very loudly, so in order to hear their conversation, I need to get into position where the volume of the outer world is low so I can listen to what they have to say.

One thing in particular I ponder over and over is the outpouring of generosity Karen and I have received this month.  I still stand in amazement that so many of you … more »

Bidding on your dream

The term “follow your dreams” gets volleyed around quite a bit in our self-actualized culture as if it is some kind of birthright or assumption in the 21st century.   We tell kids they can grow up to do or be whatever they want to be, but we don’t add a significant caveat to describe just what that will entail.  Dreams don’t just happen. Dreams require effort, lots of it, if they are going to become reality.

Even in literal dreams, as research shows, the stories and images we conjure up in our sleep are not from random thoughts, even … more »