Gratitude and the Act of Giving Thanks

This morning I find myself in a quandary, stuck between two different aspects of the same response; Thanksgiving and Gratitude. The two are related, but very distinct. And both must go hand in hand, lest the sum of their full meaning is diminished.

In our home we have a yearly family tradition of making a turkey out of construction paper, with individual feathers that can be written upon and then glued to the tail of the bird. Every family member takes three to four feathers and notes something for which they are thankful that happened during the year. Karen has … more »

Gratitude and Awe

Day 5 and Karen is doing much better today.  She is up and moving around easily. The Dr is pleased with her progress.  We are hoping it continues.

Even in trying situations like these, you have to maintain the ability to laugh at certain things that really are funny, like when you realize the humor in the excitement in your voice telling people that she went #2 for the first time in several days.  Its like being parents of a toddler.  I forget the immediate reality in which I live.

Karen is reaching that point of feeling cooped up and … more »

Gifts of Grace

Sitting in a hospital waiting room this morning, watching for Karen to come out of surgery, its hard to believe just a few hours ago we were eating and drinking and enjoying the celebration at the Breaking Bread benefit held in her honor.  Such a whirlwind of emotion from then til now. There was barely any time to revel in the afterglow of that special evening.

I just met with the surgeon a moment ago and he explained his procedure of removing the visible tumor, which he described as very extensive.  The good news is that it appears that it … more »