On Why I Write

Writing is a late-in-life discovery for me.  I’m sure Mrs. Warwick probably thought I would be the last student in her high school English class to find his voice in writing. I was too busy thinking about anything other than writing.  It proves you are never too old to discover something new.

Why did it take so long to begin expressing my thoughts in writing?  I’m not really sure.  Maybe it was lack of opportunity or that I never felt the need as strongly as I do today.  Maybe it was because I didn’t think I had anything to say … more »

Thank you

Karen finished up her regimen of chemotherapy this week, completing five cycles instead of the normal six originally scheduled.  The oncologist recommended withholding the sixth treatment since her red blood cell count was below normal and with the progress of the regimen having the desirable effect, the doctor felt like there would not be a significant decrease or change from the fifth and sixth treatments.  Over the course of time, the mass has shrunk in size, the cancer marker in her blood tests shows normal levels.  This is all very good news. We will consult with a gynecological oncologist later … more »

Let the Music Play…

I had an opportunity to share some of the bread&cup story with workers at Firespring a couple of weeks ago.  During Q&A, a friend asked me what kind of music I was listening to.  To preface the answer, I told the group that this was not a random question, as my friend knows how important music is in my creative thought process.

My short answer: Irish music.

About 12 years ago, during what I refer to as the Entrance into the Tunnel, I encountered a blue season that led me to drastically change the career direction of my life.  It … more »