The Habit of Relaxing

Its been fun thinking back over the past five years of being in business at bread&cup. Looking over old menus, note pads of ideas and photos has been a nice walk down memory lane.  i put some of those photos together in another slideshow on YouTube. You can click the link below to see it.

I hope you can join us on Monday, August 06 beginning at 5pm for our 5th Anniversary Celebration.  Thanks for your support of simple food and drink

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What a difference five years makes

I would assume it would seem like a normal day to anyone who visited our restaurant today. You experienced the same food, and especially same bread.  This is important to me because it was anything but normal.  Here’s the back story.

We had a miscommuncation with the person filling in for our regular baker.  At six AM when my morning cook showed up, there was no bread.  But it ended up being no problem at all because the staff, led by Melissa, stepped up to the plate and started the baking shift, right alongside doing the regular morning breakfast prep … more »

Five Years

It’s hard to believe its been five years since we opened our doors to customers.  Little did we know how hard it would be, but yet equally as rewarding.  I put a little slideshow together of the progression moving from construction, to various staff, the evolution of our food and Karen’s shift from blond to black hair.  Click the youtube link below

bread&cup 5th Anniversary

We are having a celebration at our restaurant on Monday, August 06th starting at 5pm.  We’ll have a simple ala carte menu, outdoor bar and the whole evening devoted to remembering the journey.  Thanks for … more »

The Therapy of Cooking

Saturdays in the growing season are my longest days. It starts early when I set out to shop the Farmer’s Market and plan the evening menu based on the day’s discovery. It includes prepping all day in the midst of all the other regular activity in the kitchen.  It peaks with a 5:30pm dinner service and runs til about 9pm when I turn it all over to my cooks and I sit down and take a load off my weary feet.

I’ve come to look forward to these days despite their length and subsequent fatigue.  It puts me in a … more »