Life is Right

As I stood amid the crowd of young and energetic Lincolnites at Red9 last Thursday, I felt a little out of place for my age and lack of tatoos.  With my forty-something gin&tonic in hand, I smiled broadly in response to the presentation of the new branding campaign for the City of Lincoln.

It was the presentation I waited seven years to hear.

It was seven years  ago (2005) that we pushed our chips to the center of the table and called, “all in” on opening a restaurant.  Long before the arena was approved. Long before the announcement of the … more »

Dad Still Offers Advice

In the past few years, Fathers Day has become a more significant milestone in my mind. Maybe its due to not having my own dad around with whom to express gratitude.  Maybe its that I’m near that empty nest transition.  Or it could be simply because I am more in tune with the importance of being a dad.

It may also be due to the way my mind seems to pick out the differences in the stories of Mother Day and Fathers Day. I tend to notice the accounts that tell how mom has always been there and served as … more »

Making Today Count

One thing I like about living in Nebraska is the experience of its four distinct seasons. Granted, some years seem like Spring is about three days long, but for the most part the transition of each period and its weather patterns reflect a unique beauty not to be overlooked.

With the passing of seasons come recurrent memories of days gone by.  Wintertime ushers in Christmas and all its vivid recollections,  but doubtedly few folks are giving much thought to Christmas right now, with the exception of the Mom of Envy that not only has her shopping done, but can be … more »

Elevate, Chef’s Table

A very full  and productive weekend leads to a very slow start to this Monday morning.  The clear blue sky and rising of temperatures brings the feeling that summer is nearby.  Ive already justified not mowing the lawn. And if they could speak, my knees would tell the weeds in the garden to wait, because a third French Press may need to be brewed.

In the course of the 14 hour day that was Emerging Terrrain’s ELEVATE event  yesterday, I failed to snap a single photo. There was so much to do that taking pictures fell to a very low … more »