Chef’s Table at bread&cup

Chef’s Table at bread&cup
Each Monday in June I am hosting a dinner on the patio at bread&cup to create a unique space for food, drink and conversation.  The event is limited to 12 guests per week and is served family style at the table. I will prepare the meal and sit down to enjoy it with the group, and share any information about sourcing, recipe technique that is of interest. The menu will be seasonal and local, and I will announce the menu on the Tuesday prior to the dinner.

$25 per person – limit 12 guests
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Another Chapter in the Story

We got the phone message while away on our trip to Portland.  It was from Karen’s oncology office:

“Your test results were inconclusive.  We need to take another look.”

Four weeks ago, I knew in my gut that it was not going to be good news.

I’m sad to report that the doctors have discovered that Karen’s cancer has recurred, two years post-surgery this very week.  The marker in her blood was elevated, and a CT scan showed a suspicious area in her lower abdomen.  The biopsy taken by laparoscopy proved our worst fears this week.

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