Sussing out Inspiration

As I mentioned in my last post, working creativity requires effort to find a steady source of inspiration and renewable energy to sustain it over a long term.  Not to discount the advice of close friends, or the encouragment of trusted mentor, but occassionally the path we walk along has only room for one, single file trekker.  Those times when its just you and your thoughts, staring at the ceiling as you lie awake at 3am, where do you go?  What sheds light on your feet?  What illumines the path?  Here’s a few of my recent practices.

Music. Music … more »

Creative Work is Still Work

My son has been learning how to use ProTools in order to feed his obsession with developing music.  He called me one day out of frustration, after having spent several hours trying to create a groove, but with nothing to show for his effort.  Amid the emotion in his voice came the message I read between the lines, “I just want to give up.”  To which I reminded him:

“Creative work is still work.”

You’ve probably seen the site What My Friends Think I Do. It’s a funny look at six different points of view of an occupation, … more »

Why I keep a garden

I’m a gardener by nature, and have been doing so longer than I have been a chef.  I love marrying the two pursuits.  The temptation to plow under the remaining grass in my yard, and to cut a deal to do the same to my neighbor’s property is pretty strong, but I have to stay focused and not let my imagination get too out of hand.

When we bought this house we live in, it had a small plot sectioned off in the northwest corner of the backyard and this is the 20th year I’ve planted more than just … more »

Seeds and Seasons

The unseasonably warm temperatures has brought smiles to many faces, but a few frowns to others.  We are a month out from the opening of the Farmer’s Market, and crops that would just be showing up in May are in abundance right now, making me wonder how farmers are going to market their asparagus or if it will go to waste without their dependable outlet for sales.

My therapist

For me, I have never planted a garden this early.  I once remember putting out tomato plants on April 14, but March 31st is unheard of.  A seasoned old gardener … more »