Congratulations to Jesse Vadnais, winner of our 1st Annual bread&cup Graphic Design Contest. Jesse wonderfully interpreted the logo, so much so, I thought I would print his words verbatim.

I wanted to create something that captured the essence of combining different elements of Bread and Cup with a feeling of simplicity and creativity. Because B&C is so many things in one I was hoping to capture the ampersand as the key focal point but still have it work as a connection between ideas. You’ll notice that the image has a representation of wheat to be connected with the idea of bread and food along with capturing the natural ingredient choices used by B&C. You’ll also notice a cup that obviously signifies the cup/drink aspect of B&C but it is also represented in a pouring out position that I hope can show B&C’s commitment to pouring out into the community around them. Finally you’ll notice the brackets at the bottom, these are often used to single out and make private however these are facing out. My hope is that this will signify B&C’s openness to not only people coming in but also sharing time, conversation, and life with each other.

Winner of our 1st Annual bread&cup Graphic Design Contest

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  • March 29, 2011 at 4:19 am

    Hi!! I love your blog. There is much creativity and love what you do.

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