The flakes started falling late Wednesday afternoon and created a soft, silent evening in more ways than one.

I served two tables all evening.

I could have seen it coming, called my staff and said stay home, but I’ve played too much craps to do anything other than stay open.

In craps, there are two types of opening bets. At the roll of the dice you either bet that the number will hit or that it won’t. It’s a simple game of chance, and the percentages never change. There is no magic to it. It shouldn’t matter on what line you place your money.

But it does. I’ve seen tables clear out when a guy starts betting the negative. The majority of players at any given table bet positively. Call it karma, good vibes or mojo. Participants simply want to associate with others whose success will be their own. The negative better wins while everyone else loses.

I never want to bet the don’ts when it comes to my business. I want to start everyday hoping and believing that it will be a great one. We used to use a phrase with our staff, “are you ready for the tour bus?” This was our signal to ask ourselves if we were ready to take on any challenges the day might bring.

Yes, I lost money on Wednesday, but I must remember that I am in the service industry. I serve food. I serve customers. I serve regardless of convenience. The people who live nearby and can access my restaurant on foot don’t care if its snowy. Rather, they are interested in getting served on a cold winter night, when a bottle of wine and charcuterie fits the bill.

I served two tables on Wednesday and know that because of hindsight. But the house won’t let you bet after the dice have been rolled. I want my money on the table when the number hits.

Winner, winner, chicken dinner.

Why stay open during a snow storm?