So that I do not stand as fodder for any anti-arena gossip, let me say that I admit that I stand to benefit from the building of this new arena as much as anyone. I am willing to put up with the inconvenience of the additional noise and dust for the price of progress. Any type of improvement demands a cost, one that I am more than willing to pay. Thankfully we have not needed the arena to succeed in the past four years of our existence. In my mind the arena will only help us refine our vision for providing locally sourced, handcrafted food for the people of our city to enjoy in an atmosphere conducive to conversation and reflection.

I wrote on Sunday about an encounter with an arena project vehicle (shown below) that was creating a bigger problem than the one it was sent to solve. To my surprise, that post raised a few eyebrows, and it appears we have found a solution.

I must thank a few people for their prompt attention to this problem. Devin Seacrest of WRK, LLC, Darrel Podany from Senator Johanns office, and Halley Salem from Urban Development all contacted me early this week concerning the problem I outlined in my Sunday blogpost. I do not apologize for pointing out incompetence, but neither do I want to be culpable of not being grateful for those who execute their job skillfully. These three recognized that something was amiss and as a business owner dependent on my outdoor seating as a vital revenue source, if I did not take time to publicly say thank you, I would be guilty of ingratitude, which is something I never want to have to own.

This one came rolling by late afternoon and is what a properly functioning street sweeper looks like. Picking up more dust than it leaves behind, reducing its impact on the neighborhood in which it operates. Notice that there is no large plume of contaminated dirt billowing from the spinning brushes? Notice also the trail of water in a straight line behind the truck to keep the dust at bay? See the clouds rolling by along the horizon? This is a guy doing his job. This is all I ask.

Thank you Devin, Darrell and Halley. I deeply appreciate your efforts and coming to our aid.

One of these things is not like the other