That sound you hear is the sigh of relief, from me landing in my patio chair, of finishing a long market Saturday, and of having Karen home from a brief stay in the hospital. She is resting, enjoying the pleasant effects of the pharmaceutical cocktail the medical barista has her taking, and yet already feeling bored from the down time of being off her feet and in bed.

We still don’t know anything, which I guess in some ways is good news. All we know is something very small is causing a great deal of pain. Our waiting now is for a pathology report from the biopsy that was taken yesterday from the painful part of her abdomen.

It took me about twice as long to get through the Farmer’s Market this morning, as I fielded numerous questions from friends and vendors inquiring of Karen’s health. These are pleasant interruptions, however, each one a reminder of the community of which we are a part and of your concern for us and for her well being.

I wish I had more to let you know, but will continue to keep posting anything new we find out here on this forum. Thanks to our staff who have willingly stepped up to cover Karen’s shifts and made it so much easier to be away. You guys have no idea how much we appreciate it. Thanks to my mother-in-law, Betty, who made it up through the long detours from Missouri to sit with Karen for a short time, enabling me to be at work today. My words are inadequate for proper remuneration.

Its times like these that reveal the quality of community in which you reside. We are so blessed to be surrounded by so much love and support. No one like to be in this point of vulnerability and weakness, but when you are, there is no better feeling knowing that support is an arm length away.

No news is good news