This is the first of a monthly series of posts in conjunction with Chaructepalooza, a consortium of food bloggers devoting the year to a different meat preservation project each month. Click on the image to the right to read more about it.
When I found out about Charcutepalooza, I discovered I was a little late to the game, so I am determined to play catch-up before the next month’s challenge.

Month one in the series is duck breast prosciutto, a very easy cure to implement using only kosher salt as the curing agent. January in Nebraska is a good time to do these kinds of cures, because of our cold winters its easy to find a place to store them.
Since I own a restaurant, I decided to do six ducks, the breasts for the prosciutto,

use the leg and thigh as confit for the Saturday night menu,

and the livers for a mousse,

while the remainder of the carcass went to make rillettes and stock.

I love seeing the whole fowl get utilized this way. Very little waste and a whole lot of great food to result. Below are the little critters wrapped in their swaddling clothes, ready for a nice little nap.

I should have something to show in seven days, give or take.

January Charcutepalooza Challenge – Duck Proscuitto