The Constant Work of Assembling a Team

Dear Entrepreneur,

There is an old proverb that says “Where there are no oxen, the barn is clean, but much increase comes through the strength of the ox.”  I take this to mean, if you don’t want a mess, don’t have any animals in the barn.  But if you want to get work done, you can’t have one without the other.

You can’t grow your business without doing the work of finding, adding and nurturing good people.  It is and always will be your most difficult challenge in building your business. And yet it will provide you with some of

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2011 New Year’s Eve Dinner

Here is our prix fixe menu for New Year’s Eve. This year we are offering a chef’s wine pairing with each item of each course. I always get excited when I look over a finalized menu. It’s as if I have been cooking mentally for days and am ready for you to enjoy it right now. But we’ve got to wait a few weeks.

This event filled up quickly last year, so I encourage you to make plans soon. We’ll set the table; you

New Year’s Eve

6PM and 8:30PM
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No Trespassing

Every industry encounters trends and changes that require understanding and thus, adaptation in order to stay current and relevant to its market. Awareness of technology, customer attitude, and economic health are three factors to which I pay close attention as I seek to grow and sustain my business over the long term.

My industry certainly has its ups and down, but one thing that settles me and makes me glad is that at least you aren’t able to download a meal, nor does it appear that you will be anytime soon. The need for food is still a fundamental human … more »